HTML4 Character entity references for ISO 8859-1 characters

ISO 8859-1 characters
   no-break space = non-breaking spaceU+00A0 ISOnum
¡¡¡inverted exclamation markU+00A1 ISOnum
¢¢¢cent signU+00A2 ISOnum
£££pound signU+00A3 ISOnum
¤¤¤currency signU+00A4 ISOnum
¥¥¥yen sign = yuan signU+00A5 ISOnum
¦¦¦broken bar = broken vertical barU+00A1 ISOnum
§§§section signU+00A7 ISOnum
¨¨¨diaeresis = spacing diaeresisU+00A8 ISOdia
©©©copyright signU+00A9 ISOnum
ªªªfeminine ordinal indicatorU+00AA ISOnum
«««left-pointing double angle quotation mark = left pointing guillemetU+00AB ISOnum
¬¬¬not signU+00AC ISOnum
­­­soft hyphen = discretionary hyphenU+00AD ISOnum
®®®registered sign = registered trade mark signU+00AE ISOnum
¯¯¯macron = spacing macron = overline = APL overbarU+00AF ISOdia
°°¯degree signU+00B0 ISOnum
±±¯plus-minus sign = plus-or-minus signU+00B1 ISOnum
²²¯superscript two = superscript digit two = squaredU+00B2 ISOnum
³³¯superscript three = superscript digit three = cubedU+00B3 ISOnum
´´´acute accent = spacing acuteU+00B4 ISOdia
µµµmicro signU+00B5 ISOnum
¶¶pilcrow sign = paragraph signU+00B6 ISOnum
···middle dot = Georgian comma = Greek middle dotU+00B7 ISOnum
¸¸¸cedilla = spacing cedillaU+00B8 ISOdia
¹¹¹superscript one = superscript digit oneU+00B9 ISOnum
ºººmasculine ordinal indicatorU+00BA ISOnum
»»»right-pointing double angle quotation mark = right pointing guillemetU+00BB ISOnum
¼¼¼vulgar fraction one quarter = fraction one quarterU+00BC ISOnum
½½½vulgar fraction one half = fraction one halfU+00BD ISOnum
¾¾¾vulgar fraction three quarters = fraction three quartersU+00BE ISOnum
¿¿¿inverted question mark = turned question markU+00BF ISOnum
ÀÀÀlatin capital letter A with grave = latin capital letter A graveU+00C0 ISOlat1
ÁÁÁlatin capital letter A with acuteU+00C1 ISOlat1
ÂÂÂlatin capital letter A with circumflexU+00C2 ISOlat1
ÃÃÃlatin capital letter A with tildeU+00C3 ISOlat1
ÄÄÄlatin capital letter A with diaeresisU+00C4 ISOlat1
ÅÅÅlatin capital letter A with ring above = latin capital letter A ringU+00C5 ISOlat1
ÆÆÆlatin capital letter AE = latin capital ligature AEU+00C6 ISOlat1
ÇÇÇlatin capital letter C with cedillaU+00C7 ISOlat1
ÈÈÈlatin capital letter E with graveU+00C8 ISOlat1
ÉÉÉlatin capital letter E with acuteU+00C9 ISOlat1
ÊÊÊlatin capital letter E with circumflexU+00CA ISOlat1
ËËËlatin capital letter E with diaeresisU+00CB ISOlat1
ÌÌÌlatin capital letter I with graveU+00CC ISOlat1
ÍÍÍlatin capital letter I with acuteU+00CD ISOlat1
ÎÎÎlatin capital letter I with circumflexU+00CE ISOlat1
ÏÏÏlatin capital letter I with diaeresisU+00CF ISOlat1
ÐÐÐlatin capital letter ETHU+00D0 ISOlat1
ÑÑÑlatin capital letter N with tildeU+00D1 ISOlat1
ÒÒÒlatin capital letter O with graveU+00D2 ISOlat1
ÓÓÓlatin capital letter O with acuteU+00D3 ISOlat1
ÔÔÔlatin capital letter O with circumflexU+00D4 ISOlat1
ÕÕÕlatin capital letter O with tildeU+00D5 ISOlat1
ÖÖÖlatin capital letter O with diaeresisU+00D6 ISOlat1
×××multiplication signU+00D7 ISOnum
ØØØlatin capital letter O with stroke = latin capital letter O slashU+00D8 ISOlat1
ÙÙÙlatin capital letter U with graveU+00D9 ISOlat1
ÚÚÚlatin capital letter U with acuteU+00DA ISOlat1
ÛÛÛlatin capital letter U with circumflexU+00DB ISOlat1
ÜÜÜlatin capital letter U with diaeresisU+00DC ISOlat1
ÝÝÝlatin capital letter Y with acuteU+00DD ISOlat1
ÞÞÞlatin capital letter THORNU+00DE ISOlat1
ßßßlatin small letter sharp s = ess-zedU+00DF ISOlat1
àààlatin small letter a with grave = latin small letter a graveU+00E0 ISOlat1
ááálatin small letter a with acuteU+00E1 ISOlat1
âââlatin small letter a with circumflexU+00E2 ISOlat1
ãããlatin small letter a with tildeU+00E3 ISOlat1
ääälatin small letter a with diaeresisU+00E4 ISOlat1
ååålatin small letter a with ring above = latin small letter a ringU+00E5 ISOlat1
ææælatin small letter ae = latin small ligature aeU+00E6 ISOlat1
çççlatin small letter c with cedillaU+00E7 ISOlat1
èèèlatin small letter e with graveU+00E8 ISOlat1
ééélatin small letter e with acuteU+00E9 ISOlat1
êêêlatin small letter e with circumflexU+00EA ISOlat1
ëëëlatin small letter e with diaeresisU+00EB ISOlat1
ìììlatin small letter i with graveU+00EC ISOlat1
ííílatin small letter i with acuteU+00ED ISOlat1
îîîlatin small letter i with circumflexU+00EE ISOlat1
ïïïlatin small letter i with diaeresisU+00EF ISOlat1
ðððlatin small letter ethU+00F0 ISOlat1
ñññlatin small letter n with tildeU+00F1 ISOlat1
òòòlatin small letter o with graveU+00F2 ISOlat1
óóólatin small letter o with acuteU+00F3 ISOlat1
ôôôlatin small letter o with circumflexU+00F4 ISOlat1
õõõlatin small letter o with tildeU+00F5 ISOlat1
ööölatin small letter o with diaeresisU+00F6 ISOlat1
÷÷÷division signU+00F7 ISOnum
øøølatin small letter o with stroke, = latin small letter o slashU+00F8 ISOlat1
ùùùlatin small letter u with graveU+00F9 ISOlat1
úúúlatin small letter u with acuteU+00FA ISOlat1
ûûûlatin small letter u with circumflexU+00FB ISOlat1
üüülatin small letter u with diaeresisU+00FC ISOlat1
ýýýlatin small letter y with acuteU+00FD ISOlat1
þþþlatin small letter thornU+00FE ISOlat1
ÿÿÿlatin small letter y with diaeresisU+00FF ISOlat1

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